Scene in Lynnwood: Strip mall knocked down for light rail

The strip mall at 200th Street Southwest and 44th Avenue West is demolished Thursday, as part of Lynnwood Link light rail construction. (Photo by Brent Tugby)
  1. By the time this charade is finished, no one will be commuting to Seattle, because people are abandoning it. The Seattle mayor and city council have proved they cannot control it, and the city is now run by vandals, looters, arsonists, anarchists, Antifa and BLM.

    Not only that, but people and companies have learned they can do very well by letting their employees work from home on their computers.

    Seattle’s answer? Raise taxes!

    As a result, the few companies that are left in Seattle are moving to Bellevue as fast as they can go. Goodbye Seattle.

    1. Kenneth: Sounds like you may be having a fever dream. There is free drive-thru Covid testing this Monday 11/23 from 10-5 at Edmonds-Woodway High School. Wishing you the best.

  2. Agreed… After what I have witnessed over the last several months it will be a long long time before I venture into Seattle… thus no money from me. If WA continues down this liberal path of clean nonsense I will be moving. I don’t like how my property tax money is being spent. I say cut all pay to city council and make them volunteer positions only!!!

  3. @Kenneth: I’ve been traveling to downtown Seattle on a consistent basis for work & have not run into anyone that you described. The only groups I’ve seen are construction workers.

    It could be that I am just not going to the correct areas. For my job, I often walk from the South Lake Union area to Benaroya Hall. I know that there was issues in the Capitol Hill area with CHAZ. Where else are the troubling areas that you have witnessed?

  4. I took the bus to Westlake Center on Pine St. last summer to meet a friend for lunch who happens to work down there. As I walked around Westlake Plaza I was greeted with the overwhelming sent of piss and marijuana . The plaza was overrun with homeless people and ner do wells openly drinking , panhandling and smoking pot as a group of police officers on the corner studiously ignored them. This was at noon on a weekday. Never again.

    1. My husband and I lived in Mountlake Terrace for 42 yrs. We moved to Hayden Idaho last June and are so happy we were taxed so bad, our decision to move was easier to make. No more high taxes and our auto insurance was cut almost in half among other things.

  5. I am so sad about knocking down an affordable-rent building housing seven businesses, owned by people of color, to build a parking lot. So often “progress” runs through homes and businesses in inequitable ways. Relocation assistance or counseling wasn’t offered by Transit. When the community loses small and POC businesses, we all lose. Henny and Rosa owned and operated King Tut. And now Lynnwood doesn’t have an Egyptian restaurant.

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