Scriber Lake Park: A quiet oasis in the center of Lynnwood

With Washington state’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order in effect for weeks now, many are feeling a little antsy. And with local businesses closed, playgrounds and playfields considered off limits, and public gathering spots shuttered, few places remain accessible to go and enjoy.

Scriber Lake Park, right in the heart of Lynnwood, may be the refuge you are seeking.

Open from dawn to dusk, visitors to Scriber Lake Park can enjoy its serene setting from wooded trails, over-the-lake walkways, a floating boardwalk and artful benches throughout the site. 

Though right off of busy 196th Street Southwest, the 22-acre park is quiet enough to draw waterfowl, small mammals and songbirds. Fishermen often tried their luck at pulling in largemouth bass or yellow perch at the lake, but fishing is not being allowed right now during mandated stay-at-home restrictions.

There are a number of entrances to the park from all directions. The main entrance — with public restrooms and a parking lot for 20 vehicles — is located at 5601-198th St. S.W. But note, the restrooms are currently locked in accordance with health district policies aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

For those wanting to stretch their legs a little more, take the trail south along Scriber Creek at the southeast corner of the park for a couple blocks. It leads to the Sprague’s Pond Mini Park off of 200th Street Southwest, where visitors can sit and watch the pond’s waterfowl.

For more information about Scriber Lake Park, visit the City of Lynnwood’s website.

— By Doug Petrowski

  1. I love the park and I feel relatively safe there, as there are other families and walkers. However, I was quite shocked when I found a used syringe by the trail and a cap from another one on the same hike. Seeing that shattered my impression of the park.

    1. I find them here all the time. It upsets me that they would leave them there knowing children/families go there. I dispose of them and hope it’s the last time I see them there.
      Beautiful scenery , definitely a good place to go n stretch the legs! Also it connects to two other parks and is very close to a few other parks within walking distance.

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