Seattle Times: Lynnwood man sues state for denial of minority-business certification


    A Lynnwood man who lived most of his life as a white male and now identifies as multiracial based on DNA test results is suing the Washington state and federal governments after a minority-business certification was denied, our online news partner The Seattle Times reported Thursday.

    Ralph Taylor, the owner of Orion Insurance Group in Lynnwood wants the U.S. Department of Transportation to recognize him as a minority so he can gain more deals providing liability insurance to contractors. His DNA test results showed he is 90 percent Caucasian, 6 percent indigenous American and 4 percent sub-Saharan African.

    Taylor is suing Washington state and the federal government because he was denied a minority-business certification under a program created more than two decades ago to help level the playing field for minority business owners seeking contracts in the transportation industry. He provided no evidence he has suffered socially or economically because of race.

    His case is pending in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the Times reports.

    Read more from The Seattle Times at this link.



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