Have you seen this cat, lost in Lynnwood?

This cat has been missing from the area of 41st and 191st Street Southwest in Lynnwood since approximately June 1. He is black/brown solid color, wearing a blue collar with no tag, neutered, no chip, vocal, has claws with black stripes and small white hairs in his fur, is 4-plus years old, loves to eat and is affectionate. His owner says he might be a bit skittish if scared. If you find him, contact Victoria Takahashi at 206-940-6369 or email experimetal@gmail.com.
  1. I appreciate the calls I have received so far. One phone call came in and it was a deceased black cat on the trail behind the library near the little bridge. We went to look but it had been removed. It was said to be folded over in a weird position possibly no head.

    so IF anyone knows about where the cat was disposed of can you please contact me? I am needing to know if there was a blue collar, also I want to let whoevers pet know as well.

    WHat I am learning through this situation, is that when I find an animal alive/injured/deceased. Learning that I need to take pics oif strays in my neighborhood, and if found deceased, to turn it into the authorities (PAWS, Animal Control, etc.) so they can scan an animal and also remember to take pics, pics and pics to post for others searching for their fur family members. ALso just learned it is illegal to dump any dead animal into the garbage, who knew? (my postman told me this)

    Thank you all so much.

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