Snohomish County Council recognizes Orca Action Month 

Stephanie Wright

On Monday, June 17th, 2019, the Snohomish County Council passed Resolution 19-030, recognizing the month of June as Orca Action Month. The council joins area civic and advocacy groups in encouraging all residents to focus their attention on the plight of the fragile Southern Resident community of orcas, to honor and celebrate their presence in our waters, and to do our part to help recover their population. 

“The fragile state of our Southern Resident orcas is something we must pay close attention to,” said District 3 Councilmember Stephanie Wright, who represents Edmonds and Lynnwood. “These sea mammals are a symbol of the health and well-being of our entire region. Their future is the future of the Salish Sea.” 

Southern Resident orca populations have fallen to a 30-year low, with declining Chinook salmon populations, their primary food source, being the largest contributing factor. Chemicals and pesticides found in sea life and the water itself suppress their immune systems and affect their ability to reproduce. 

“The beauty of our natural surroundings and the resources they provide is part of why we live here,” said Wright. “Whether through small, individual actions or system-wide changes, we have to be part of the solution in saving this environment for future generations. 

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