Reminder: Snohomish County offering grants for culture and the arts in 2019

Snohomish County’s Arts Commission is currently accepting grant applications from public and nonprofit agencies for 2019 for funding projects that support the creative community involved in the arts and cultural enrichment. The county has $20,000 available in grant funding in 2019. Applications are due by Jan. 15, 2019, and grant-funded programs must be completed in 2019.

The Snohomish County Arts Commission’s mission is “to cultivate a vibrant community of artists and cultural enriching organizations.” The commission developed this grant program as a way to support a wide range of cultural opportunities that celebrate, appreciate and participate in the diverse arts and culture of the county.

You can apply for grants as an individual or a group, but you must be represented by a 501c3 organization, non-profit or government agency. Projects must demonstrate a public benefit enhancing the arts in the community to be eligible.

Snohomish County Arts Commission grants are limited to no more than $2,000 in reimbursement for expenses. All applications will be reviewed and awarded by the Snohomish County Arts Commission. Grants are supported by contributions from the 1 Percent for the Arts Fund.

The categories include:

Arts Learning Grants, which “support high-quality projects that provide a responsive opportunity for learning in and through the arts to benefit K-12 students.” Grant recipients must demonstrate their program will foster an exchange of knowledge between artists and educators and impact the achievement, skills and attitudes of learners.

Cultural Enrichment Grants, awarded to arts and other community-based organizations for projects that support the arts and culture enrichment in the community. The grants recognize the expanding role that arts organizations play in the broader cultural, social, educational and economic areas of community life. Projects from communities that are underserved by arts services will receive priority for funding. Underserved communities include communities whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by geography, ethnicity, economics or disability.

Individual Artist Fellowships Grants for Snohomish County artists, aimed at supporting their artistic achievements and their efforts to advance their careers. In selecting artists to receive Fellowships, the commission looks to artists of outstanding talent, demonstrated ability and commitment to the creation of new work(s). Artist must seek a sponsor through a 501c3 or government agency sponsor.

Applications are available online at  or by contacting Hal Gausman, Snohomish County Parks Cultural Resource Manager at 360-805-6729 or at

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