Snohomish County PUD earns Energy Star Award for Excellence

Snohomish County PUD was recently honored with a 2020 Energy Star Award for Excellence for its promotion efforts in expanding energy-efficiency outreach to hard-to-reach customers and delivering 65,000 Energy Star-certified products to nearly 20,000 households.

Energy Star is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, providing credible and unbiased information that consumers and businesses rely on to make decisions.

“This award is an honor and a reflection of the hard work of our employees to reach residential and small business customers in effective and unique ways,” said Pam Baley, PUD assistant general manager of customer & energy services.

In 2019, the PUD focused its efforts on low-income and geographically remote customers without easy access to energy-efficiency opportunities. Key accomplishments included:

  • Expanding independent retail programs to increase the selection of Energy Star-certified products by 300% and the number of stores offering those products by 200%.
  • Delivering 4,800 energy efficiency kits to more than 20 food banks.
  • Increasing the number of engagements through social media posts by utilizing Energy Star campaigns, including Light the Moment and Energy Star Day, reaching 4.8 million impressions.
  • Premiering a new instant rebate program through independent appliance retailer, Albert Lee, that increased rebate redemptions on Energy Star-certified products by an estimated 20%.
  • Launching an online marketplace where customers can shop online for certified light bulbs and smart thermostats.
  • Conducting a sweepstakes to draw customers to their Smart Rewards site, which features Energy Star products, that resulted in a 117% increase in unique visitors.


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