Sound Transit awards Lynnwood $2.5 million for Scriber Creek Trail redevelopment

The Scriber Creek Trail redevelopment project

Sound Transit’s Board of Directors voted Thursday to award $2.5 million to the City of Lynnwood for its Scriber Creek Trail redevelopment project. Lynnwood is one of 27 jurisdictions to receive funding for projects aimed at making it easier and more convenient to get to transit. 

Sound Transit’s Lynnwood Link light rail station is set to open in 2024.

The 2016 voter-approved Sound Transit 3 System Plan included a System Access Fund for projects such as safe sidewalks, protected bike lanes, shared-use paths, bus transfer facilities, and new pickup and drop-off areas. The System Access Fund provides $100 million and is allocated equally among Sound Transit’s five subareas for projects that make it easier and more convenient to get to transit. Up to $10 million was available for each subarea in the first round.

The Scriber Creek Trail redevelopment project will upgrade an existing 1.5-mile trail into a Class 1 shared-use path. This phase will construct approximately 2,000 linear feet of trail, establishing an elevated structure where appropriate and will connect the Lynnwood Transit Center to the closest residential neighborhood, parks, and an important employment center. According to the city, the project will improve bicycle and pedestrian access to the planned light rail station where demand for parking will exceed supply, even with almost 2,000 parking stalls. When complete, the bicycle accessible trail will accommodate a variety of uses and people of all ages and abilities, improve access to the city’s parks, and increase pedestrian and cyclist access to transit.