South County Fire crews train at Alderwood Mall

The Alderwood Mall parking garage near JCPenney will be used by South County Fire for weekly training through the beginning of August.

South County firefighters are using the parking garage to learn about new types of hose and practice hose setup for fires in multi-story buildings, said South County Fire spokesperson Leslie Hynes.

“For this part, they use the stairwells of the parking garage,” she said.

Training began Wednesday and will also take place July 13-14, July 29-30 and Aug. 4-5. Different crews will be rotating through three sessions each day, which Hynes said will accommodate training four shifts of firefighters from 14 stations.

According to Hynes, entrances to the mall aren’t closed off and people are still able to access the garage.

“One small area of the parking lot just west of the garage is closed off so the engines and medic units can park while crews attend the drill,” she said. “Inside the mall parking area, the lane that goes between the parking garage and the small parking area outside JCPenney is blocked off, but people could still get around the block lane by going through the small parking area so it really didn’t block off access.”

–Photos courtesy of South County Fire

  1. What about social distancing without face masks? Looks irresponsible to be out in a large crowd without the proper protections in place.

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