South County Politics: Statements from Lynnwood and Alderwood candidates


Candidates have been sending statements to introduce themselves to voters. The statements appear in the order that candidates’ names will appear on the Nov. 7 general-election ballot and in the voters’ pamphlet.

Here are some of them:

Introductory statements from two Lynnwood council candidates

Here are introductory statements from Lynnwood City Council incumbent Ruth Ross and challenger Rosemaria Graziani.

Lynnwood City Council Position #3

Rosamaria Graziani:

Lynnwood keeps increasing taxes and fees even with higher-than-ever revenues.

The problem is wasteful spending. Executive expenses increased from $75,000 in March 2015 to $203,000 in March 2017! Also, Lynnwood has a $5 million budget deficit that was “balanced” by reducing the Reserve Funds! If you are not angry at this deficit-hiding accounting maneuver, you should be!

As your councilwoman, I will seek to roll back recent tax and fee increases so our neighbors are not taxed out of their homes. We need to keep the city safe. We should reduce waste and not use toxins in our parks. We should raise the minimum wage, not executive pay.

Ruth Ross:

I arrived in Lynnwood in August of 1995. I raised my son here until he left for the Marines. Today, I get to enjoy Lynnwood with my granddaughter and care for my elderly mother.

What I bring to the council is my depth of understanding of the complex issues facing Lynnwood. I attend the meetings, read the materials and ask thoughtful questions before casting any vote.

I am driven to be an advocate for social equity. My top priority is to ensure that every voice is heard in the decisions the city council makes. My other priorities include planning for growth and ensuring Lynnwood remains safe and affordable.

Issue statements from two Alderwood Water District candidates

Incumbent Alderwood Water and Wastewater District Commissioner Larry Jones and challenger Charles Liu sent statements about what they believe are the most important issues in the election. The two had sent introductory statements before the primary.

The district includes Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace and nearby unincorporated areas, along with parts of Brier, Bothell, Edmonds, Mill Creek, Mukilteo and Everett.

Here are the statements:

Alderwood Water and Wastewater District Commissioner Position #3

Larry Jones

The top priority for Alderwood has been and always will be excellent water quality and affordable sustainable rates. How that service is delivered is what makes the difference. Issues facing the District currently are: Ensuring redundancy and inflow and infiltration reduction are built into our wastewater treatment plant to avoid disasters such as the West Point treatment plant failure. Capital project evaluation is important to ensure adequate infrastructure while minimizing revenue requirements. Implementing updates to support systems for more efficient service to the public. Make strong hiring selections to ensure good decision making by staff to avoid issues similar to Flint Michigan where lead leached into the water supply.

Charles Liu

The most important task for me is to learn how best to serve my community. Typically for a well-established utility organization, we need to vet and maintain excellent service quality while look for improvements in operation, cost efficiency.

I am grateful for the support received during the primary and will do my best to represent all members of the Alderwood Water District. My entrance into this race was born of desire to serve as well as bring awareness to my peers on the importance of participatory democracy.

–By Evan Smith
Evan Smith can be reached at [email protected]


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