South Snohomish Fire, Red Cross install fire alarms at local mobile home park


South Snohomish County Fire teamed up with the Red Cross to install nearly 100 smoke alarms for older adults at the Alpine Ridge mobile home parks in Lynnwood on Saturday, April 28 as part of the Red Cross Sound the Alarm Campaign.

“Our goal is to make sure residents have updated smoke alarms to give them the early warning they need to escape in a fire,” said assistant fire chief of fire prevention Kevin Zweber. “During this installation event, we saw many of the same problems we see in the community at-large: smoke alarms that are outdated, missing batteries or inoperable. We came across some homes that didn’t have enough smoke alarms and even a few with no smoke alarms at all.”

South County Fire offers these recommendations for equipping your home with smoke alarms:

  • Install smoke alarms inside and outside each bedroom and sleeping area. Install alarms on every level of the home.
  • Test all smoke alarms at least once a month. Press the test button to be sure the alarm is working.
  • Change smoke alarm batteries at least twice a year (unless your alarm is equipped with a 10-year battery) or if the alarm begins to chirp warning of a low battery. An easy way to remember is to change smoke alarm batteries when you change your clocks to and from Daylight Saving Time.
  • Replace all smoke alarms when they are 10 years old.
  • Plan and practice a home fire escape plan.


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