Special ‘Conversations with the Council’ meeting set for May 21


In an effort to meet and greet residents in their own neighborhoods, the Lynnwood City Council is hosting a community-style Special Work Session at the Community Life Center on May 21.

Everyone is welcome to attend and share their opinions. Of note, the Council will be looking for the community to name some priorities for the development of the 2019-2020 biennial budget.

The event on Monday, May 21 will run from 7-10 p.m. at the Community Life Center, 19820 Scriber Lake Rd., Ste. 1, Room 108.

The agenda for the evening is as follows:


Special Work Session
Conversations with Council

A. Opening Remarks
    – Welcome
    – Ground Rules
    – Housekeeping

B. Comments and Questions on Memo Items
    – (in process)

C. Quasi-Judicial Briefing #2: Lynnwood Place Second Work Session on Cycle 2, 
     Phase 2 Ordinance and Development Agreement ~ Director Kleitsch

D. Introduction of Rating Exercise (open invitation throughout the evening)

E. Open Mic Topic 
    – What are we doing well and what do you feel are areas of improvement for what the 
      City does in your neighborhood, and how would you like us to prioritize city services 
      in the development of the 2019-2020 Budget?

F. Closing Comments
    – Council Members


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