Sponsor spotlight: March is National Ladder Safety Month

Ladders are not only found in construction, landscaping and other work environments, but also in your own home.

Here are some safety tips from the American Ladder Institute that we suggest you consider.

Changing light bulbs around the house? Trying to get that glass down from the top shelf in the kitchen? Ladders are constantly used around the home, and often, they’re being used incorrectly.

Don’t let a simple task put you out of commission with a serious injury. Ladder injuries are more common than you think:

  • Emergency room visits per year related to ladder injuries — 136,118
  • Emergency room visits per year from high heel-related injuries — 19,000
  • Emergency room visits per year from microwaves — 3,836
  • Injuries per year from house fires — 11,000
  • Shark attacks per year in the United States –16

Take safety into your own hands by taking ladder safety seriously. Use this Ladder Safety Checklist:

Reminders about your ladder-

□ Determine what type of ladder is appropriate for your current work environment

□ Confirm that the ladder is the appropriate length for the task

□ Check that your ladder has the proper Duty Rating

□ Thoroughly inspect the ladder to ensure it is in good working condition

□ Clean the climbing and gripping surfaces

□ Read the safety information label(s) on the ladder

Reminders about your surroundings-

□ Confirm that the ground where the ladder is set-up is firm and level

□ Confirm that any surrounding doors are blocked open, locked or properly guarded

□ Ensure that the weather is sufficiently safe for using a ladder

Reminders for you-

□ Clean the soles of your shoes to maximize traction and avoid slipping

□ Ensure that you are not tired, dizzy or prone to losing your balance before using the ladder

□ Use towlines, a tool belt or an assistant to convey materials so that your hands are free when climbing

□ Maintain three points of contact with the ladder while climbing

At Irons Brothers Construction, Safety is not only one of our Core Values, but a top priority and part of our culture. We have been the recipient of 2 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Safety program awards in 2012 and 2016. Most recently in 2018 we were nominated by the NAHB in the Remodeler Safety Program under 50 employee’s categories.

We are proud of our employees, trade partners and our entire team for maintaining an outstanding safety record with Washington State Labor and Industries (WA LNI). You can look up Washington contractors and their company safety rating online at the WA LNI website.

Our safety program emphasizes a culture of reporting, education, training, and being safe. For more information about our company and safety, visit ironsbc.com.

Be safe!

— By Melissa Irons, CGR CAPS CGP
Marketing & Operations Manager,
Irons Brothers Construction, Inc.

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