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“People often thank me when I say I’m a climate activist. I think it’s because people have that nagging feeling that climate change is a looming catastrophe, but they haven’t been able to find a way to address it in their own busy lives,” said Nancy Johnson, Sno-Isle Sierra Club Co-Chair, “But in truth, there is a role for everyone.” You can start small by connecting with a group, and gradually find a level of involvement that matches your lifestyle.

People often begin by saying, “I’m doing it for my grandchildren” or “I want a future for myself and my kids.” Others say that being part of a group sustains their sense of hope when the size of the challenge seems insurmountable. Being part of a group helps you learn how to talk more deeply about this issue, and find a course of action that suits you.

Snohomish County has many groups to choose from. Some are chapters of national organizations such as The Sno-Isle Group of the Sierra Club, 350 Everett and Climate Reality – Snohomish County. Others are locally-based groups such as Interfaith Climate Action and Save the Edmonds Marsh. You will also find green groups that are part of a larger organization such as The League of Women Voters and local churches like Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Edmonds United Methodist Church, and Holy Rosary Parish.

The groups are full of diverse and interesting people — nurses, engineers, teachers, introverts and extroverts — all called to act together for our future. Find a group soon. Many hands make the job a bit lighter for everyone. There will be an online information session about the projects of these groups that you can register for in the events Facebook page of Snohomish County Climate Alliance.

— Written by Gayle Leberg, lebergwg@mac.com

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