Starting in September, Edmonds School District no longer offering free breakfast and lunch to all students

During the pandemic, all Edmonds School District students received free school meals, thanks to federal USDA waivers that provided breakfast and lunch to all students. Those waivers expire on June 30, 2022, so students that do not qualify for free or reduced meals will need to pay for school breakfast and lunch beginning in September.

In 2021, the Washington State Legislature removed the fee for reduced-price lunches, so families who qualify for this program will no longer be charged for meals. In addition, students participating in breakfast in the classroom at Woodway Center, Chase Lake, Cedar Valley, and College Place Elementary can receive free breakfast as part of the school day in the 2022-23 school year.

Here’s the process for school meals during the 2022-23 school year:

  • Families who think they will qualify for free meals will need to complete a new free/reduced meal application.
  • There is no fee to make payments online and you can add money to your student’s account anytime. Money in your account now rolls over into the next school year as long as your student stays in the Edmonds School District.
  • If you have money on your student account that you would like to transfer to a sibling, need to request a refund, or want to donate, contact Dee Moran in the district’s food and nutrition office:

Edmonds School District Meal Prices for the 2022-23 school year