Retiring School Board member Susan Phillips hopes successor will honor diversity, bring creative solutions

Susan Phillips

Susan Phillips, president of the Edmonds School Board, announced last week that she will not seek re-election after her term expires in November 2017.

Lynnwood Today asked her a few questions about her long service and experience as a school board member:

Lynnwood Today: First of all, congratulations on your retirement and long service.
Susan Phillips: Thank you.

When did you first become a school board member?
SP: I was appointed to the Edmonds School Board in 2007.

What made you want to serve the community in this capacity?
SP: I wanted to give back to the community that provided a good education and foundation for my children. I wanted to advocate for children so they would received the same level of education and services that my children did.

What has been a highlight for you as a school board member?
SP: There are so many – working with my colleagues on the board and the staff of Edmonds School District. Watching parents become leaders and participate in their children’s education. The opportunity to learn so much about the public school system.

What do you plan on doing next?
SP: I do not have any set plans, I will continue working and I look forward to seeing what the next adventure will be.

What kind of person do you hope to see run for your position this year? What will make a successful future school board member?
SP: This is a wonderful opportunity to have a new perspective on the board. I am hopeful that candidates have a sincere interest in public education and have a commitment to improving student learning. It is vital to understand the importance of public education, and also how complex education is. Equally as important is to honor and respect the diversity of our community, as well as the diversity of learning styles, abilities and overall human needs of our students and families. I hope that candidates are forward thinking and bring creative solutions and approaches to the position and understand that it is a group decision of the board. Also, having respect for their colleagues and staff and listening to and considering opposing views before making decisions. Overall, I hope the candidates are strong advocates for the education of students in Edmonds School District, as well as for all children in the state.

Anything else to say?
SP: I have enjoyed my service as a school board director of Edmonds School District. I am grateful for the opportunity and the support of the community.


Those interested in running for the Edmonds School Board can click here for more information.


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