Lynnwood’s $20 car tab fee should be decided Monday night

(Editor’s note: the results cited in the poll below were current as of posting. They are likely to change as more people vote. Also, with a relatively small number of votes, the results should not be considered scientific.)


After a delay last month, the Lynnwood City Council is expected to decide Monday night whether to implement a $20 vehicle registration fee. The Council will hear public comments before they vote.

The creation of a so-called Transportation Benefit District would help pay for road projects throughout the city. It’s expected to raise about $421,000 per year (that’s a revised figure based on the number of vehicles registered in the city.) The $20 fee is the highest that can be imposed without a public vote.

A non-scientific poll we conducted earlier this month indicated that opinions are split on the issue, with 53 percent favoring and 47 percent opposing the car tab fee.

Although the specific road projects haven’t been identified, they must meet certain criteria outlined below:

The transportation improvements funded by the district shall be made in an effort to reduce the risk of transportation facility failure and improve safety, decrease travel time, increase daily and peak period trip capacity, improve modal connectivity, and preserve and maintain optimal performance of the infrastructure over time to avoid expensive infrastructure replacement in the future.

  1. wow another reason to avoid lynnwood…arent they making enought off the gestapo cameras already?

  2. Glad I don't live in Lynnwood anymore! Federal taxes, state taxes, county taxes, city taxes, fees upon fees upon fees…aren't these what started the American Revolution?

  3. No. What you were taught is actually incorrect. The ONLY tax the US had was on tea that was cheaper and higher quality than the pirate-sold tea. We also had representation in the UK and almost complete autonomy. It was about a bunch of selfish eejits who wanted to make themselves more powerful, not less. It was not altruistic. Their solution was a federal system that parses power out to all sections of society so instead of a single or few sources of taxing bodies, we have a crapload. You can thank conservatives for that.

  4. Surprisingly these cameras locally and elsewhere actually make very little money. Also, there's nothing gestapo about that. You drive = privilege + being on public = can control it any way reasonably possible = cameras okay = not gestapo. You should be happy that they reduce accidents and lower overhead for patrolling.

  5. If you don't live in Lynnwood, and are glad that you don't, why are you commenting? Take your right-wing drivel to your own town.

  6. Since you asked, it's my right to comment as I please according to the first and fourteenth amendments to the United States Constitution. I respect that everyone has a right to their own opinion, even when they're wrong. You obviously don't.

  7. Your statement regarding what I was taught being incorrect is also a matter of opinion. I don't happen to share yours.

  8. Em, what? The fact that the United States or, well, colonies as it were only had ONE tax which happened to be the one thing that the revolutionaries revolted against isn't a fact? I'm sorry, but it is a fact, not an opinion. I didn't learn this until years after my US history class, which is somewhat bothersome, but sure, why would anyone want to recognise that hugely important point. It wouldn't make the revolutionaries look more like a bunch of whiney pricks or anything… The only opinion in the above comment was my editorialising on the absurdity and blame toward conservatives for a immensely stupid and complex taxing system that ye happen to rail against.

    1. I’ve noticed that you use the letter s in place of the more commonly used letter z here in the U.S. Maybe I’m not dealing with a natural born citizen (or even a U.S. citizen at all), or could be just coincidence. “Eejit” is also somewhat of a European term, if I recall correctly. Hmm…

  9. Sir, you've made it clear that your only goal here is to bully, belittle and name call. Perhaps you should consider changing your counterproductive approach and focus on the issue at hand by actually posting comments relevant to the article.

  10. We appreciate the thoughtful exchange of opinions, but personal attacks will not be tolerated. Please keep your comments relevant to the topic.

    Mike Murphy
    Lynnwood Today editor

  11. I'm not, you just appeared to ignore fact and perpetuate conservative ideology when your opinion has zero relevance since you don't live in the jurisdiction in question. So I inferred from your opinions that you're in fact just a troll looking to complain, pick an argument, and toss aside reasonable facts. The only thing remotely that would be conceived as a personal attack is me calling you “troll”, which is evident and really isn't just an opinion.

  12. You also reside outside the jurisdiction; therefore your comments are negated by sheer hypocrisy. As for your “history” lesson, try researching the following, and then let's see if your “one tax” theory holds water. These are just some of the revenue-raising tactics used by the British that contributed to the cause of the American Revolution:
    1764 – Sugar Act
    1765 – Stamp Act
    1767 – Townshend Acts
    Mr. Murphy is correct, comments should be relevant to the topic. I believe I just provided evidence that supports my initial comment. Having spent most of my life as a Lynnwood resident, having family and friends that still do, I indeed have a vested interest in that community.

  13. Again, you will note that the Townshend acts actually led to a repeal of all taxes imposed by the United Kingdom EXCEPT tea by 1773. But sure, history facts don't matter. I was just annoyed by the assertion that taxes are what started the revolution because all the actual documented facts point to an aristocracy that wanted control for itself under the guise of the falsely claimed “taxation without representation” whilst the majority of the population was actually loyalist and didn't care. I also never actually commented on the $20 car tab fee. I just happened to find it interesting with the headline that Lynnwood can impose a TBD via car tabs. Personally, I have no vested interested in the actual imposition of the fee one way or the other and never said I did. If Lynnwood wants to do that with undefined projects, cool. If not, that's cool too. In any case, Murphy is right this probably should be on topic.

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