Three years ago in Lynnwood: Final night at Black Angus restaurant

The Black Angus restaurant in Lynnwood was packed with about 500 customers on June 26, 2017. After 35 years, the restaurant closed to make room for the Light Rail project. (Photos by David Carlos)

  1. This is sooo wrong that they closed, with the process of light rail just now, three years later, making use of that space. They could have stayed in business all of this time! Sooo sad, too bad. Really sucks!!

    1. Agreed. One of our favorite restaurants here in Lynnwood. I wonder how how much more over budget, and behind schedule the light rail has become in that time versus the lost pay and disrupted lives for the staff it caused. Not to mention the dining experiences we lost in that time here in town. Like you said, so sad.

    2. Black Angus has become an anachronism from a bygone era, but now serving industrialized and overpriced Sysco food. Sold by its founder in 1972 to a large restaurant group, it filed for bankruptcy in 2004. From 101 restaurants in 1995, it’s now down to 44. It had its’ time, and its’ time is passing for higher quality, better value, and/or healthier options. Nostalgia for the “old days” aside, progress can’t be stopped though some imagine it can and fight a losing battle to do so. So it goes.

      1. My husband and I went to one in Arizona a couple of years ago (I think it was Mesa). It was truly awful. I didnt know there were any left, much less 44. But we did enjoy the one in Lynnwood for many years.

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