Trinity Lutheran Church hosts Edmonds Symphonic Choir on Monday

trinity2Trinity Lutheran  Church hosts the Edmonds Symphonic Choir at 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 16.

The choir will be performing “Of Time and Place” Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, BWV 106 directed by Kirk Marcy. (God’s time is the very best time), BWV 106, is a sacred cantata composed by Johann Sebastian Bach in Mühlhausen, intended for a funeral. Although the original manuscript is lost, the work was one of Bach’s earliest, probably composed in 1707 when he was serving in Mühlhausen. The text consists of different verses of the Old and New Testament, as well as individual verses of chorales by Martin Luther and Adam Reusner, which all together refer to finiteness and dying.

The cantata ranks among his most important works. Inspired directly by its biblical text, it exhibits a great depth and intensity. Alfred Dürr called the cantata “a work of genius such as even great masters seldom achieve. The work has parts for two alto recorders, two violas da gamba, basso continuo, and choir.

For more information see: Trinity Lutheran Church is located at 6215 196th St. SW., Lynnwood.

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