Two Lynnwood non-profit organizations awarded vans from Community Transit

Smithwright Services of Lynnwood will use its van to transport children with autism.
Smithwright Services of Lynnwood will use its van to transport children with autism.

Two Lynnwood non-profit organizations were among the 11 recipieints of vanpool vans thanks to Community Transit’s Van GO program.

In all, 11 non-profit organizations throughout Snohomish County will be able to provide trips to their members thanks to retired vanpool vans they received in a competitive grant process from Community Transit. This year, 27 groups submitted applications demonstrating how they would use the vehicles to provide transportation service and estimate how many individual rides they would provide.

This year’s Van GO recipients include Cypress House (Lynnwood), Smithwright Services (Lynnwood), Northwest’s Child (Edmonds), Cascade Seniors and Darrington Bluegrass Association (Darrington), Compass Health (Snohomish County), Housing Hope (East County), Stanwood Community and Senior Center (Stanwood) Take the Next Step (Monroe), Volunteers of America Western Washington (Snohomish County) and Wonderland Development Center (South Snohomish County).

“These vehicles will provide thousands of trips for people who otherwise may have a hard time getting where they need to go,” said Community Transit CEO Emmett Heath. “Not everyone can take the bus where or when they need to travel. It’s wonderful to be able to provide surplus vans to help meet local transportation needs.”

Since the Van GO program began in 2000, the agency has provided 116 vehicles to a variety of non-profit organizations around Snohomish County. This year’s winners will each receive a 12-passenger van with about 100,000 miles on it. By state law, other Community Transit surplus vehicles are made available through public auction to help recoup the public investment. More information about the Van GO program is online at

2014 Van GO recipients:

Cascade Seniors and Darrington Blue Grass Association (Darrington)

Cascade Seniors and Darrington Blue Grass Association serve the seniors and community of Darrington. They help residents participate in local and county-wide events. They plan to transport residents to events, appointments and jam sessions, providing more than 1,500 trips in the next year.

Compass Health (Snohomish County)

Compass Health provides comprehensive mental health services to youth and adults throughout Snohomish County. With this van they will provide more than 2,600 rides transporting children and adults to appointments, trainings and specialized camps.

Cypress House (Lynnwood)

Cypress House serves high-risk and behaviorally challenged 13-17 year olds by helping these children to build self esteem and social skills. They plan to transport clients to school, appointments, and recreation outing providing more than 10,000 trips over the next year.

Housing Hope (East County)

Housing Hope’s mission is to promote and provide safe, decent and affordable housing to low-income residents. They will use this 12-passenger van to transport clients from Monroe, Sultan, Stanwood and Lynnwood to their College of Hope adult life skills training programs providing more than 2,500 trips in the next year.

Northwest’s Child (Edmonds)

Northwest’s Child serves the special care needs of school-aged children, youth and young adults with severe and profound disabilities. Providing more than 2,300 rides, this van enables the children to be a positive and active part of our community by allowing the freedom to come and go at the level of need and tolerance of the students so they can fully enjoy life experiences.

Smithwright Services (Lynnwood)

Smithwright Services provides residential care and supervision for children and adults with severe developmental disabilities and or autism in community-based housing throughout south Snohomish County. This van will provide approximately 3,600 trips for the children’s program at their new home, Willow House, serving children with severe autism and other disabilities.

Stanwood Community and Senior Center (Stanwood)

Stanwood Community and Senior Centers serves the senior population in this rural community. This van will provide safe, quality door-to-door transportation for the elderly population they serve helping to foster self-sustainability and promote independence. With the 12-passenger van they will provide more than 2,000 trips to activities, medical appointments, shopping excursions and recreation events on a regular basis.

Take the Next Step (Monroe)

Take the Next Step is a grassroots community service organization serving the communities along Highway 2. They provide a wide range of services from home-cooked meals, help for the homeless and support for struggling elementary students. They will use the 12-passenger van to provide more than 2,400 trips transporting community members to trainings, appointments, school and life skills activities.

Volunteers of America Western Washington (Snohomish County)

Volunteers of America provides a wide array of much needed services to the homeless population in Snohomish County. This van will be utilized by several of their housing and transitional services programs providing more than 3,200 trips to family support groups, appointments and field trips.

Wonderland Development Center (south Snohomish County)

Wonderland’s mission is to empower south Snohomish County families and children with special needs to reach their full potential as they live, learn and play in a natural learning environment. This van will help ensure their clients get the support and skills they need to be successful. Wonderland plans to provide more than 1,600 trips to parent education programs, therapy sessions and family support opportunities.

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