Two public hearings scheduled for Monday City Council meeting


The Lynnwood City Council has a full agenda for Monday night’s meeting.

Among items to be discussed are two public hearings. One is for increasing sewer connection charges, and the other is for increasing park impact fees.

Park impact fees are paid by developers based on the number of residents expected to move in. Funds raised by park impact fees benefit local parks. Read more about this public hearing at this link.

Sewage connection fees will be charged anytime a landowner needs to connect to the city’s sewer system. The increased fees will allow the city to handle a larger amount of sewage as well as improve sewage treatment capacity by improving current plants and possibly adding new ones as needed. Click here to read more about this public hearing.

Also on the agenda, the¬†Lynnwood Parks and Recreation Foundation will receive a $500,000 grant from the¬†Elizabeth Ruth Wallace Living Trust. The Lynnwood Police Department will also recognize its employees’ accomplishments. Click here to view the full agenda.


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