Two years ago in Lynnwood: Pay Your Age sale at Alderwood’s Build-A-Bear store

Long lines wound from the center of Alderwood Mall to the Build-A-Bear store on July 12, 2018, when the store hosted a “Pay Your Age” sale.

Ron, a Build-A-Bear employee, said as of 11:30 am, the store had helped 2,000 people already. There were 1,000 bears left. The remaining customers will be given vouchers to purchase bears at a future date.

Since I’m 57, I asked how much a bear would cost me. Ron said, “The cutoff age is 29. So you’re 29 today and it would cost $29.”

One customer near the head of the line waited over three hours, since 8:30 this morning, so she could buy two bears for her kids, ages 6 and 11. Total cost: $17 (versus at least $40).

Waiting three hours though is…un-bearable.

— Story and photos by David Carlos

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