Watch robbery on Nov. 29 believed unrelated to Ben Bridge robbery on Nov. 28

Three suspects were arrested Wednesday after a report of a watch theft at Arc Watch Works and Engraving at Alderwood Mall, 3000 184th St. S.W.

Though the incident occurred on Nov. 29, one day after a smash-and-grab watch theft on Tuesday, the incidents are not believed to be connected at this time, according to Lynnwood Police Cmdr. Sean Doty.

The incident was reported Wednesday at 6:42 p.m. A male suspect had been looking at a watch inside the business and then ran off without paying for the merchandise. An employee chased the suspect to a waiting vehicle in the parking lot.

“This vehicle was occupied by two additional males and two females,” Doty said in a press release. “The employee attempted to physically restrain the suspect, but two male occupants got out of the vehicle and were able to pull the employee off the suspect.”

After that, all three male suspects got back into the vehicle and drove away from the scene, Doty said. The employee was not injured.

Shortly after, officers received a call of a suspicious vehicle at the nearby Kohl’s department store, located at 18405 Alderwood Mall Pkwy.

“Arriving officers determined it was the same vehicle involved in the earlier incident from Arc Watch Works and Engraving, which was now being investigated as a robbery,” Doty said.

One of the vehicle’s occupants was located inside Kohl’s. Three others were located inside the nearby Target department store, located at 18305 Alderwood Mall Pkwy. A fifth occupant was not located.

The stolen watch, a Rolex, was recovered in addition to other stolen property.

“Two of the males, to include the suspect who originally ran off with the watch, were booked into jail on various charges to include, robbery, obstructing and possession of stolen property,” Doty said. “One of females was booked on possession of stolen property. All three were adults ranging from 23 to 29 years of age.”

The vehicle was turned over to the Seattle Police Department for further investigation as it was connected to a recent theft that occurred at a business in the University Village.

Although this incident came a day after another incident involving a theft of watches at a Ben Bridge store in Lynnwood, at this time there appears to be no connection, Doty said.

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