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Sanders Law Group

We are excited to announce that Sanders Law Group is the sponsor of our new page, Sound Silver Living, aimed at providing information and activities for seniors and their loved ones.

When Sanders Law Group was offered the opportunity to sponsor the page on My Edmonds News/MLTnews and Lynnwood Today, “we jumped at the opportunity,” said Operations Officer Ralph Sanders. “We feel that our community needs a dynamic forum aimed at the issues facing seniors and their families.”

Sanders Law Group got its start with a laptop on Peggy Sanders’ kitchen table. She had recently dealt with the death of her mother, who was in Maine and suffered from dementia. During that experience, she found herself thinking, “What I need is a good lawyer.” 

Having finished up a long career in government — as a legislative aide first for the U.S. Senate, then for the King County and Snohomish County Councils — Peggy decided to put her law degree (Northeastern, 1987) to good use, and start a practice focusing on Elder Law.

Elder Law is a relatively new field. It is designed to serve the legal needs of the elderly and the disabled, as well as their families. The practice covers a wide range of issues, both legal and financial. The field came into being due our longer life expectancy, and all the issues that go along with aging, such as: How to deal with long-term care, dementia and memory loss; family and estate issues; abuse and exploitation; and qualifying for governments benefits.

Lawyers have a reputation of being difficult to deal with. Peggy was determined in her practice to be both professional and accessible.  

One of the first things she did was to join the Washington Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (WAELA) and attend their annual conference. She was welcomed with open arms, with a number of experienced attorneys offering to mentor and help her in any way they could. Jump ahead to 2017, and Peggy became the President of WAELA, and was named their Attorney of the Year.  

Sanders Law Group has grown to include four attorneys, two paralegals and an operations officer — Sanders’ husband. Ralph. “We have a comfortable office in downtown Edmonds, at the corner of Third and Dayton,” Ralph Sanders said. “Our target client group is middle class, the backbone of our country, those who have worked, raised a family, paid their taxes, served their country in the military, and contributed to their communities.”

Peggy Sanders adds: “We care deeply about seniors, and our goal is to protect their security and independence, and do what we can to give them peace of mind. We pride ourselves on being able to be both professional and accessible.”

You can learn more about Sanders Law Group here.

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