Why no construction lately at new hotel off Alderwood Mall Boulevard?

The partially completed Hilton Garden Inn along Alderwood Mall Boulevard. (Lynnwood Today photo taken Oct. 17, 2018)

We received this question recently from a reader:

“It appears construction on the new hotel off of Alderwood Mall Blvd. has halted. I haven’t seen any progress nor activity in a few weeks. Do you guys have any idea why that is?”

The answer comes from City of Lynnwood spokeswoman Julie Moore, who said that the hotel — a Hilton Garden Inn — recently made several major revisions to its original plans. As a result, the city’s building inspector asked hotel officials to resubmit their updated plans for review and approval.

“They have resubmitted and we’re currently looking through them,” Moore said.


  1. This hotel is so close to 200th. Will there even be space for a sidewalk? Lynnwood government expects so many folks to ride transit, yet they don’t ensure safe walking areas so folks can get to transit stops & the main Lynnwood transit area off of 200th. Does anyone from City government ever walk around Lynnwood? It seems as though they are approving large apartment complexes without enough parking, assuming residents will ride transit, & then not taking into account safe walking areas to transit. I imagine all those on city government just drive through Lynnwood making plans for the masses & have no idea what it’s like for residents of downtown Lynnwood.

  2. I agree with Elizabeth. There seems to be several projects
    that have been with little concern for autos. As for public busses that may be true but why is 196th st
    Still have traffic issues.
    Why I believe this is false is because of the traffic
    Cameras. If everyone rides the transit system
    Why do we need cameras and why the police
    Need park on the sidewalks??

  3. Lynnwood is a disaster. New construction everywhere in “anticipation” of new residents fleeing Seattle due to high rents. Yet, today’s rents in Lynnwood are continually on the rise. Our roadways are torn up all over town; some with detours forcing residents completely out of their way. The result, total gridlock on roads that seldom saw it. Misery! Then, the icing on the cake is the wholesale destruction of mature, gorgeous trees, preparing for future community members … could care less about those of us who have lived in Lynnwood for decades. Spend a little more money, City of Lynnwood and have those trees transplanted, rather than destroyed.

  4. I have heard through the grapevine that the building department is the issue. The building inspectors approve items and then just as fast the building official veto’s the approval…….I guess someone in the building department has serious “Trump’ syndrome?


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