Why Wally Webster reads Lynnwood Today: Coverage of issues that matter, from housing to hunger


    In a recent chat, community-involved Lynnwood resident Wally Webster noted a keen interest in following news of those developments and events that are changing the “suburb culture” of South Snohomish County and Lynnwood.

    He is concerned about the effects of homelessness (including elementary, secondary and community college students), hunger (as evidenced by the number of elementary and secondary students receiving free and reduced meals), drug addiction and the diminishing availability of affordable housing.

    How these issues are being handled on a local level matter to Wally Webster — and that is why he reads Lynnwood Today.

    Webster, a 43-year resident of the Edmonds-Lynnwood area, is a founding member of the Lynnwood Sister Cities Association and has been exceptionally active in Lynnwood’s civic affairs.

    He and his wife are retired now – he from a career in the banking industry, and she from the fields of accounting and leasing. But not really. You see, Webster is currently president of the Shepard Garden Housing Board of Directors; vice president of the Lynnwood Public Facilities District (Lynnwood Convention Center); and a member of the Lynnwood Chief of Police Advisory Committee.

    Attending Lynnwood City Council meetings and hearing from contacts while serving the community resulted in his introduction to Lynnwood Today.

    And he says he will continue to look forward to regular columns by Loren Simmons, high school sports updates and Lynnwood Today’s coverage of city council meetings.





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