Work by two young artists on display at the Lynnwood Rec Center

Amanda Mitchell, “The Light Between Oceans” & Alex Zhao, “The Great Old Twig” (photo credit to the artists)

Work by two young artists is now on display at the Lynnwood Recreation Center.

Amanda Mitchell, a high school freshman, enjoys painting and drawing landscapes.

“Painting and drawing landscapes help to calm me and bring me to another world, it just really speaks to me,” she said. “As an artist, I try to create beautiful and inspiration painting, that really speak to both me and others who come across my paintings. When I see the picture or scene I am painting for drawing, I try to imagine myself in that very spot, to help me improve my paintings quality. Painting and drawing are my true passions.”

Alex Zhao, a sixth grader, sketches using pencils.

“This artwork was created for different reasons. One is an elegant, aged twig,” Zhao said. “I created it to express how it seemed like an “aged and elderly” stick, and yet it was still beautiful. Another picture is an old, wooden door. My purpose, like before, was to show how aged things could be elegant, however this time through the birth of other, also beautiful, things (in this case, overgrown flowers).”

Their work can be viewed at the Lynnwood Rec Center, 18900 44th Ave. W., during normal hours until Sept. 9.


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